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Original article appeared in the Weirton Daily Times

June 13, 2021


The Frontier Group of Companies has invested more than $80 million in the future of Weirton through the redevelopment and preparation of more than 1,100 acres of land once operated by Weirton Steel Corp.

Now, the company is looking for a buy-in from our local, state and federal governments to hit that goal. Frontier Group representatives have, in the last month, sat down twice with public officials, offering a look into their plans for the land and explaining what is needed.

We thank them for being as open as possible in order to give the citizens of our community an idea of what they might see in the years ahead.

This could very well be the most important development for years to come, with thousands of potential jobs created from a number of companies locating here.

Much of the work by the Frontier Group is focusing on the construction of public roadways going through the site, stretching from Cove Road to Brown’s Island, repairs to an existing river-side port facility and work on two bridges connecting the island with West Virginia and Ohio.

We know the City of Weirton is finding ways to contribute, through the application of various grants, and we hope others on the state and national level are willing to do the same.

There are few opportunities of this magnitude available in the Ohio Valley. This is a true turning point for our region and it needs to go forward.