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The main focus right now is marketing a 130 acre section of the land to these new industries and the main selling point is Weirton’s proximity to half of the nation’s population.

According to The Frontier Group of Companies new Business Development Director Pat Ford, Weirton sits within 500 miles from 50% of the country’s industrial output, 50% of the U.S. population and even 30% of the population of Canada.

This is important for new businesses because of what the pandemic has done to domestic and international deliveries.

Ford says, Frontier wants to attract both U.S. and International businesses in value added metals, transportation logistics, energy and chemical based on the location.

With just the 150 acres currently being focused on, that can fit a dozen industries while potentially generating over 500 jobs for the people in Weirton and the Ohio Valley while also generating $100 million of private investments

On top of the 150 acres being worked on to attract businesses, the company plans on locating a solar farm on Brown’s farm and also putting up residential housing in the area.

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