Buffalo, NY – Frontier Group of Companies, a Buffalo, NY based Brownfield Development company, has sold a significant steel processing operation at their Mingo Junction site. The announcement was made by Frontier Group of Companies Chief Executive Officer, David Franjoine. ACERO Junction is the purchaser of the facility and terms of the sale were not disclosed.

Four years ago, FGC purchased the former RG Steel facility in Mingo Junction, OH, out of bankruptcy.  The company’s plans called for demolishing the antiquated steelmaking facilities, preserving the modern steelmaking equipment and redeveloping the site. The area offers over 250 acres of flat land in the Mingo Junction area of Ohio. Located along the Ohio River at the Ohio-West Virginia borders with proximity to Steubenville and Mingo Junction, the area offers facilities appropriate for a variety of industrial uses requiring industrial zoning, Ohio River barge access, railroad spurs services by NSRR and WLERR and high capacity utility needs.“Our goal was always to improve the site and find a viable buyer for the steel making assets at Mingo.  Today, we can proudly say we accomplished our goal. The idle plant will see new life as steel making operations come back to this area of Ohio.” commented Franjoine.The Mingo Junction facility steel making operations includes an electric arc furnace along with an 80” hot strip mill. Work began several months ago to ready the plant for re-start with dozens of construction and support personnel on site at Mingo.“This is an exciting time as jobs and commerce comes back to the part of Ohio hit hard by the slowdown in domestic steel production. ACERO Junction is making a significant investment to bring the Mingo Junction steel plant back online.” added Mr. FranjoneThe impact is also being felt in the local community as businesses are being called upon during the start-up process.  Local economic impact is expected to continue during the normal operation of the plant which may begin operations by the end of 2016.

“The sale and restart of the Mingo Junction steel operations is a perfect example of the mission of FGC.” commented Craig A. Slater, Vice President and General Counsel for FGC.  “Our mission is Recovery, Redevelopment and Repurpose. We saw the potential in the Mingo site beyond just asset recovery, demolition / scrapping or leveling the site for redevelopment. A sale was always at the center of our strategy.”

Instrumental in helping FGC close a deal with ACERO Junction for the steel plant were various economic development agencies including Jobs Ohio, the Jefferson County Port Authority, and officials from the Village of Mingo Junction.

While the sale of the Mingo Junction steel making facility was significant, it was not the only piece of FGC’s redevelopment plans for the site. FGC is also working on development plans for the southern area of the Mingo Junction site known as the South Yard.

“As demand for industrial space with rail access grows stronger, we are working with several potential users for the lease or sale of the southern property at Mingo Junction.” commented Christopher Wietig, special project director for FGC.  “We believe the restart of the steel plant will be a catalyst for repurposing and redevelopment of the balance of the vacant land at the Mingo site.”

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